30 April 2009


The Broken Sword : Shadow of the Templars DS Walkthrough is an upcoming comprehensive step by step fully illustrated guide

While the walkthrough has been written and some preview pages have been posted, posting of the walkthrough has been suspended while higher priority walkthroughs are being worked on

For players who have played the GBA version of the game, the DS version adds Nico's side of the story and some puzzles that take advantage of the DS (such as sliding tile puzzles)


Lochmarne (Pub) section added

Hagenmeyer Clinic (Hospital) section added

St Ninians Church section added

Train section added

Lens puzzle solution added to Montfaucon Church (WIP)


When talking to characters, keep asking questions until there is no longer anything to ask about (important information or an item is usually not received until the conversation is exhausted)

Unless otherwise specified, you can choose whatever option (usually yes/no or good/bad) you want when answering questions